Affordable local sponsorship to promote your business
People within the equestrian world are passionate, loyal and competitive. Wouldn’t it be great if you had them as your customers or maybe the opportunity to promote your business to them? Well I am giving you the opportunity to do this. Eastwell Equestrian have teamed up with Brackenspa Stud to produce a series of competitions that will appeal to this type of audience.
A wide catchment area
Brackenspa Stud is located in Stainfield, a village just north of Bourne. The perfect location to attract competitors and spectators from Grantham, Lincoln, Boston, Spalding, Peterborough, Stamford and surrounding areas.

The equestrian facilities at Brackenspa Stud have recently been refurbished and upgraded. They now offer 3 outdoor all-weather arenas and an indoor school. Nestled in the heart of the countryside, it’s easily accessible from the A15 with plenty of parking for visitors.
A rare opportunity not to be missed
Within the last 12 months two livery yards have decided to no longer offer riders the opportunity to compete locally. This has left a gap in the market and one which we are keen to fill.  As a result, we have compiled a full schedule of competitions to appeal to riders of all abilities.

These will be held at Brackenspa Stud throughout the summer and winter months. As well as the one-off competitions, we are also going to operate a league system. Which means competitors can enjoy a single show or collect points at each event to compete in a final show at the end of the season.
Promotional benefits
Equestrian shows are often promoted on Facebook. People like to express an interest in attending an event as well as post lots of pictures after event. Between us, we have over 4,000 followers on Facebook. If you combine this with word of mouth, our events are shared widely using this medium.

We also produce flyers with all the necessary information for our shows. These are distributed at other local events and placed in relevant local retail outlets as well as some livery yards.
How to promote your business
As this is a new venture for us, there are plenty of ways you can promote your business. Either through one-off event sponsorship or longer-term packages that ensure your company is always visible to anyone using our facilities.
Arena package
The four main arenas currently have no sponsorship boards. These can be installed and visible in the arenas for all our competitions. You can have a 1220mm x 600mm all-purpose weather board, containing your company name, logo and marketing message for £90.56 (plus vat), for a 2440mm x 660mm all-purpose weather board, containing your company name, logo and marketing message it is £145.16 (plus vat).
Individual jumps
During our jumping competitions we will be using a range of customised jumps. These can be branded with your company details on a flat board running the full length of the jump and on the side jumping wings. Your details are visible in the arena as well as on photographs that are inevitably taken of the riders by both our professional photographers at every event and family/ friends. Theses are then again displayed across social media websites by all parties, promoting your business even further. These photographs will be used to promote the events going forward. You can sponsor one of these for £685.00 (plus vat
Rosettes and sashes
Part of the joy of competing is being placed in a class. A great way to remember your day is receiving a rosette or sash. These are kept by riders and put on display for everyone to see. You can choose a competition date to be the sponsor of all the rosettes and sashes. Your company logo can appear on them for £182 (plus vat) for the whole event.
League sponsorship
There will be a summer and winter league in operation for all local competitors. You have the opportunity to sponsor one of these. It will be known as the (your company name) league and promoted continually over a 12-month period. There are only 2 of these packages and you can have one for £ 75
Big show event on 21st July 2019
A fun horse, pony and dog show is going to be our annual event for everyone to join in. Aimed at families and riders of all abilities this is the time to come along and simply join in. There are nearly 20 classes to choose from and you can sponsor one of these for just £50. This will put your company name on the programme and branded rosettes and sashes for the individual class.

We also want to build a cabinet of trophies that will be awarded to the winners of certain classes. They will keep these for a year and then bring them back for the following year. Branded with your company logo, you can sponsor one of these for £ 28.99

We are also planning to offer national leagues, affiliated competitions and national events going forward. A lot of opportunities for you to promote your business which is probably why we are so excited.

Please do get in touch with me on 07793551241 or leanne@eastwellequestrian.com. I would love to talk to you about any of the sponsorship elements in more detail


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