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All mares must have a negative CEM swab prior to being covered by any stallion standing at Brackenspa stud, any mare that has been imported from outside the UK must have a negative EVA blood test and all mares entering Brackenspa stud for AI, Natural Service or Foaling must have a negative strangles blood test prior to arrival.

All mares must have their hind shoes removed prior to being covered, previous date and type of wormer must be made aware to the stud manager along with influenza and tetanus injections. Mares remaining at stud for any length of time shall be routinely wormed.

Passports must accompany mares to stud and any equipment left with the mare must be labelled. It is recommended that all mares be insured. The stud offers no insurance cover on behalf of owners, all mares boarding at the stud for insemination or natural service do so at the owner’s risk. In the case of accident, injury or illness the stud reserves the right to call a veterinary surgeon and take advice in the event of the owner being unreachable.
Any veterinary work carried out while the mare is at stud will be billed direct to the owner.

All owners are required to pay their livery, worming, farrier and stud fee before the mare leaves stud. The residentstallions all operate on a no foal free return basis which must be certified by a practising veterinary surgeon on or before 1st October.

Whilst at stud every care shall be taken of your mare, and foal, but, Brackenspa stud and its employees shall notbe held liable for any loss, theft, damage, injury or death to any animal and shall indemnify us against all actions,proceedings, costs, claims or demands so caused.

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